Tool Telecon: Addressing the Fear of Conflict

Many CEOs may discover that although they have cultivated a friendly work environment in their company, employees may avoid crucial conversations. Failing to express a different opinion or acknowledge that a deadline was missed can lead to resentment and outbursts that affect everyone. A simple conversation can address conflict before it escalates into something people will regret saying or doing.

So, how do you start that conversation? What do you say? How do you say it?

In the conference below, Balaji discusses a shadow side of a collegial work environment – the Fear of Conflict. Viewers learn different ways to address conflict while maintaining a healthy relationship with peers and management. Four tools are provided to begin and maintain those healthy conversations in your workplace.

Please note: The video below is a recording from a one-hour telecon event that occurred on February 20, 2015. Registered participants received an exercise to complete prior to the call. It was provided to help participants better relate the concept to specific issues within their company.


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