Driving Apex’s Culture Forward

Think Shift and Apex have worked together since the winter of 2011, when founder Tracy Pellerin developed his Leadership Agenda at our L3: Leadership = Leverage + Legacy program. Since then, Think Shift has enjoyed the privilege of working with the senior team at Apex Freight to help create and enforce an intentional culture, targeting specific behaviors that will scale well as Apex continues to grow.

In partnership with the senior team, Think Shift performed a full brand and culture assessment, interviewing employees of the company and the key customers that Apex served. Think Shift then diagnosed the cultural factors that were keeping Apex from growing and provided a structured framework for addressing these behaviors over a six-month period. As part of this initiative, Think Shift created a set of supporting collateral - Kudos Cards, Posters, and an employee storybook - that could be used to reinforce the positive behaviors of Apex:

As a result of the engagement, Apex has made major changes to its internal culture and now has a structured set of tools to maintain the desired company culture in the future.