Tool Telecon: “Ask Not What the Company Can Do for You; Ask What You Can Do for the Company”

Many CEOs complain about “entitled” employees – but what does entitlement mean, and how do you address it in your workforce? How do you create a workplace where people ask themselves, of their own volition, “What can I do for my company?”

In the conference below, Balaji covers the changing landscape of what employees value from their work and provides two tools to help address the entitlement issues, both real and perceived, that impede worker engagement with company management. It continues a discussion that Balaji began in his January 2015 Food for Thought article, "Engaging your Entitled Millennial Employee".

Please note: The video below is a recording from a one-hour telecon event that occurred on January 26, 2015. Registered participants received a pre-work exercise to complete prior to the call. The exercise was provided to help participants better relate the concept to specific issues within their company. To view the pre-work, click the button below.

View the Pre-work


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