Camrose is the Future

The Camrose Crush Plant campaign was highly localized, and targeted canola growers within a 200km radius of Camrose, Alberta and Cargill’s new crush plant.

We broke the campaign into three phases. For Phase One (October-March), we focused on building awareness of the new plant and positioning it as a state-of-the-art facility with new, highly efficient technology. We wanted to communicate that, but also demystify it to some degree, to make the grower feel comfortable on his first visit. For Phase Two (March-June), we focused on securing enough grain deliveries to fill up our elevators and get the plant crushing at full capacity when it opened in the summer of 2015, so we asked local farmers to begin contracting their grain with the plant. Phase Three (June-August) was all about the grand opening of the plant. Here, we focused on driving attendance to the grand opening celebration.

To build excitement around the new facility under construction in Camrose, we developed a concept highlighting the revolutionary state-of-the-art facility and its efficiencies: Camrose is the Future.

The creative around this concept showcases the facility and highlights the fact that growers save time in the drop-off process. More than anything else, the campaign illustrates the new plant as being futuristic in its practices (use of RFID tags, human-less handling, etc.). The idea was that the plant, while literally coming to Camrose in the near future, is also innovative and forward thinking. To bring the idea to life across the three phases, we started with an architectural line drawing of the plant and then over time replaced with a 3D rendering, and eventually with a 3D model. So as the plant itself was being built, the creative evolved to reflect that.

Camrose campaign case study

This comprehensive campaign used multiple touchpoints and media, including:

  • A web banner on We added a press release article to the My Community section of the site and kept it up-to-date with photos, videos, links and info.
  • A pre-tradeshow eBlast, sent to existing Cargill customers in the region, inviting them to visit our booth at an upcoming ag tradeshow. At the booth, visitors could play the Wheel of the Future game, an iPad app and lead generation tool.
  • A Post-show eBlast inviting those who played the game to begin contracting their canola.
  • A Camrose page on the Crush Plant Bids section of the website, which generated a bid based on the precise location of the customer’s farm. We worked with a third-party application to integrate Legal Land Description lookup technology with our existing AgriCharts market data.
  • Regional billboards, print ads and digital display ads, mobile ads and sponsored email marketing.
  • A special 3D print ad in an Alberta ag publication, including a pair of 3D glasses. We also mailed postcards with 3D glasses to farmers in the region. 
  • A “save the date” and “you’re invited” postcards and eBlasts, encouraging them to attend the plant’s grand opening.
  • Video, posters and other event collateral.