We worked with Cargill to consolidate a number of its websites and campaign microsites into one unified site. Corporately, they had recently developed a new "Thrive" branding, and that visual identity would need to be expressed through the new site. The new site would make use of content from the "Ask the Experts" campaign, further driving the position of Cargill (and its representatives) as knowledge leaders and partners with the growers they serve. website on desktop and mobile

Together, we determined that the site would need to function as a "one stop shop" for customers, with a consistent and enjoyable user experience. Developing a sustainable content strategy would be key to ensuring users could easily navigate the site and find the material they are looking for. We undertook a content audit of all existing site copy to make sure the information was valuable to the audience and of highest quality. We looked for opportunities for cross-pollination of information, directing users to relevant information within the site and externally as appropriate. We incorporated dynamic information/functionality, and the site was built to be responsive for mobile device access.

While keeping with the visual identity established in the Thrive branding initiative, the site's design expanded on and elevated that look and feel, employing high-quality images and carefully crafted copy.

Functionality included up-to-date, location-based futures pricing and information on local bids. The site also included a Q&A section where users can ask one of Cargill's experts their questions about selling or growing grain. This level of functionality was a game changer for the industry.