Change from the Inside Out

What those inside the organization think of you is culture.

Real change starts inside your organization, with your leadership team and employees. We deliver practical tools and advice to build intentional corporate cultures and engaged workplaces. This is the focus of our consulting team.

What those outside the organization think of you is brand.

Successful companies are changing the way they speak with the outside world – shifting from “marketing” to “mattering.” To do this, we help you create brands worth caring about, and we share them with your audiences through touchpoints worth experiencing. This is the specialty of our agency division.

But here’s where it all comes together:

What people think within the organization dramatically impacts what people outside the organization think.

After all, your people are responsible for shaping your brand touchpoints; your employees’ beliefs and behaviors impact the experiences your customers have with your business. And those touchpoints, in turn, add up in the minds of your customers, helping to form their opinion of you.

So your brand and culture are inseparably linked. Think of it like the heart and mouth of your organization – what you believe at the heart of your company will come out in your communication to the world.

Whatever’s truly going on internally is going to creep out in your external expression. The key to real change is to get intentional about what matters most to you – your core values, your purpose, your vision and mission – and then bringing it to life, first with leadership and staff and then out to your target audiences.

This idea of change from the inside out is the foundation of everything we do at Think Shift. We don’t see change as some arduous initiative or an obstacle to overcome; we believe intentional change is a powerful tool for creating opportunities that never existed before. We want to help you find and release the potential in your people, your organization, your brand. Change from the inside out means creating inspiring leaders, engaged employees and truly connected customers.