Different Seeds for Different Needs

This series of ads was created as part of a direct-to-farmer campaign that targeted canola growers in Western Canada. The ads featured a “family” of humorous characters, which are actually costumed and accessorized seed bags, designed to highlight each product’s key characteristics.

CANTERRA SEEDS wanted to celebrate the launch of three new varieties while ensuring that grower sentiment did not turn away from the tried and true performers (the existing three “characters”). To accomplish this, we created three new characters to represent the new products, and brought all six together with the message that CANTERRA SEEDS has the perfect seed selection for every grower – different seeds for different needs.

The three existing characters, Sir Yields-A-Lot, Mr. Reliable and the Stand-up Guy, represented the key benefits of CANTERRA 1990 (yield), CANTERRA 1918 (value) and CANTERRA 1970 (standability), respectively. The three new characters were Ace (CS2000, a hybrid that is competitive with all top hybrids on the market and boasts the best available clubroot resistance), Jock (CS2100, a hybrid with higher observed pod shatter tolerance) and Outlaw (CS2200 CL, a Clearfield hybrid that stands out from the rest of the family as being non-GMO).

This campaign involved both print and digital ads, further leveraged through e-blasts, in social media and on the CANTERRA SEEDS website. We sent two Think Shifters on a road trip to meet with CANTERRA SEEDS sales representatives to help understand their needs and better equip them to talk about the products and "characters" concept with clients.

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