Every Seed Has a Story

Today, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from. And at the same time, growers want to know that their effort is going toward something meaningful – that they are helping to feed families around the world. These insights inspired us to tell some of the stories behind CANTERRA SEEDS' pedigreed seeds. 

We selected key CANTERRA SEEDS pedigreed seed varieties, and told their stories – from our nation's farmlands to end users around the world, from breakfast tables to craft breweries. This was in keeping with CANTERRA SEEDS' existing tag, "Every seed has a story." 

CANTERRA SEEDS storybook case study

The booklet was polybagged with seed guides across the target geographies: Seed Manitoba, Alberta Seed Guide and Saskatchewan Seed guide. Along with the large, carefully selected visuals and textured backgrounds, the copy was written to be positive and accessible. The goal was to engage readers in each story, providing accurate information about the seeds' development and the partnerships involved in bringing the end product to the table. The tone struck a balance between being optimistic and inspirational without being salesy or inauthentic. And we weren't afraid to namedrop, showing off some of the world's largest brands that depend on Canadian agriculture.  

The storybook was a huge hit. We received positive reports from CANTERRA SEEDS' territory managers that their farmer clients had read the material and were asking questions about the book.