Field to Fork

Assiniboine Community College's Field to Fork is a partnership between the college's culinary arts and agribusiness students. As the name suggests, the concept incorporates the value chain from food production to consumption.

During a tomato variety trial, for example, students can test yield, disease resistance and growing capabilities in the greenhouses. They then pass the produce on to the culinary arts students who test the different varieties for taste and suitability in a range of recipes. The marketing for the Field to Fork initiative targeted the college’s public and private partners as well as social influencers, media outlets and students in the local area (Brandon, Manitoba).

Field to Fork logo and installation

The visual identity and brand expressions we created for Field to Fork preserved the sense of human interaction implicit in the initiative’s efforts to strengthen the local food chain. The fork sculpture we created for Field to Fork was an instant representation of the brand’s messaging. The giant fork standing in a field is immediately noticeable and engaging, and the logo embedded in its handle explains exactly what it stands for once the onlooker approaches.

We created maximum impact with a limited budget by pulling away from established media channels and utilizing an unorthodox space to express our message. We chose a space that would really hit home – one of the very fields mentioned in the brand name.