Hardy’s Essentials

By Dave Hardy written about 2 years ago

Manchester United – I have grown up supporting them since I was a boy and had many memorable moments at Old Trafford. This vintage shirt is a replica from the 1977 FA Cup final – the year I was born. Football is more than a sport to me and my family.

Passports – Having two passports is the closest I’ll ever get to being Jason Bourne. They serve as a reminder of how lucky I am to: 1) belong to two great countries and 2) be able to continually travel and see new things.

A yellow pencil – My career goal is to win one (D&AD). The only way I’ll be able to do that is using a pencil to get my ideas down on paper.

Wedding ring – Reminds me every day how lucky I am to have met the person who gave me this.  

Headphones – I love my music. For those who care, one of the greatest guitar based intrumentals ever created is the last four minutes of "I am the Resurrection" by the Stone Roses.

Phone – Keeps me connected to the world and my family back in the U.K.

Corkscrew – A wise man once told me that life is too short for a bad bottle of wine. Fine advice.

My boy – Every second I spend with him makes my life better. (I had to bribe him with a cookie to do this). 

The wood – All shot on the deck at the cabin. A little piece of paradise.