CropLife International and their global network are the voice and leading advocates for the plant science industry.

Their vision of “helping farmers grow” was developed to drive emotional engagement with their audiences. The messaging highlights how plant science can help farmers feed a growing population while, at the same time, caring for the planet and rural communities. There is also a focus on water and soil quality as well as land use and biodiversity.

Helping Farmers Grow Social Media Campaign Posts

Think Shift worked with CropLife to develop a campaign that would inform and engage their internal audiences – their staff, member companies and a global network of associations – with their renewed vision and messaging. The campaign touch points also sought to re-position CropLife with its external stakeholders and increase awareness and recognition.

The highly visual, #HelpingFarmersGrow social media driven campaign effectively communicated that vision and purpose in a way that was clear and easily shareable. Infographics, brochure and website with minimal text meant CropLife’s story could cross language and regional boundaries. We saw a significant increase in Twitter engagement worldwide, and successfully built new brand advocates both inside and outside of the organization.