If You Promote It, They Will Come

By Danielle Kayahara written about 1 year ago

You have just created the best blog post/video/white paper/infographic/content the internet has ever seen. It provides the answers to all of your customers’ most pertinent questions and it will certainly position you as a leader within your industry. You post it to your website, lean back in triumph and wait for the Ellen Show to invite you on as the latest viral sensation.


And, you wait.

Sure, you may see an initial spike in traffic as people find your piece through luck or a Google search, but you’re not seeing the traffic you need, and you’re certainly not seeing the traffic you feel you deserve. Your content is withering away in obscurity in a world that now has over one billion websites vying for the attention of over three billion internet users. What’s wrong? How can you get more eyes on your content and more traffic to your website?

Promote it!

You’ve taken the time to create a great piece of content and you should spend at least as much time (and ideally more) promoting it. Failing to market your digital content is akin to putting it into your website’s attic. Sure, you can rest easy in the confidence that it’s safe and sound, but who’s going to go to the trouble of looking for it? Your visitors won’t see it when they take a cursory tour of the site, even if it’s exactly what they’re hoping to consume.

Your content should not be abandoned upon posting. In fact, that’s when the real work should begin! Start with these five tips for promoting your super awesome content: 

1. Talk about it in real life.

Let those you work with know you’ve created a piece of content that is worth reading. Your team can then learn from the content, if it’s something new to them, and work on promoting it within their own channels.

2. Use social media for marketing.

Social media is a fantastic way to share your content. Be sure your piece is as easy to share as possible and make the value of your work as clear as possible, so people know exactly how you’re going to help them. Engage in conversations about the problem you’re working to solve and monitor your audience for topics you might want to address in your next awesome piece of content.

3. Let people know by email.

Are you already sending out newsletters by email? If you don’t have one, but you are regularly creating fantastic content that you’d like people to know about, then consider setting one up. If you do have a regular newsletter by email (and abide by all of your local anti-spam laws) then include a summary or excerpt of the content in your next send. You can include the full text in your message if you choose, but this will reduce the number of people who will actually visit your site through that particular email send. You also don’t want to bombard your subscribers with too many emails or poorly timed emails. Please email responsibly. Also, feel free to sign up for some of our blog series using the form at the bottom of our Insights page.

4. Make it easy to find.

Is your website as good to your content as you want it to be? Is there a link to your content within your main navigation? Are you able to feature your newest or most valuable pieces on the homepage or somewhere else that might be easily found? Keep your content out of your virtual attic, if you can. Put it front and center, perhaps in your foray or on your mantle, where your website visitors have a chance of passing it as they tour your humble abode.

5. Repeat.

Yes, you can and should promote the same piece of content more than once. I’m not suggesting you push out the same canned tweet or cloned Facebook post but rather that you continue to find new and exciting ways to market the same piece of content. Try a different headline. Feature a different fun fact or value proposition from your work. Pay attention to what works best in each channel and do more of that. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to prepare and schedule some  social media posts to go out once this bad boy is live.