Jenny-Lynn’s Essentials

By Jenny-Lynn Sheldon written about 4 years ago

Han Solo – This guy is on the top of our Christmas tree every year. My future husband is a Star Wars lover, so I've inherited it as an essential.
Ring – Jason proposed on a mountain. Watch the video!
Glasses – My style has been set free with buying glasses online. I try to rock a few different frames a week.
Flex nib dip pen & ink – Handwriting is becoming a lost art. I spend a minimum of eight hours a day on a keyboard, so writing with ink is a refreshing change.
Car key – Good things come in small packages. My SMART car fits everywhere. Bike lanes should also be SMART car lanes ;)
Shirt – "Designed by Apple in California"
Ukulele – My instrument of choice. It is common to see me playing a uke by my desk between meetings or while I'm waiting for my machine to boot up.
Eyeshadow – I love palettes. I'm a bit of a makeup collector.
Nail Polish – Nail art is another of my passions. Check out my Instagram feed!
iPhone – This thing is glued to my left hand. Most used apps: RDIO, Messages and Photos
Necklace – An ode to my mother. It's a rice cooker. She taught me to never go anywhere without one (including Hawaii).