Jorden’s Essentials

By Jorden Schmidt written about 1 year ago

Jorden's Essentials

Electric Guitar. Reader, meet Sheila. Sheila, reader. Sheila is always there for me.

Aaron Rodgers Jersey. Because, the Green Bay Packers. Because, this.

Revolver by the Beatles. What began as a theory, and has since become a widely accepted scientific fact, is that the Beatles are the greatest band to ever inhabit this earth. What is also an indisputable, entirely objective truth is that Revolver is their greatest work.

Harry Potter. As a wizard myself, it was invaluable to read the Harry Potter tales growing up, as Ms. Rowling so eloquently spoke to most, if not all, of my own coming-of-age struggles.

Acoustic Guitar. Reader, meet Betsy–no, I kid. I don’t actually name my guitars, I swear. (Commencing genuine sentimentality) This guitar was given to me by my grandparents for my high school graduation, so I put an extra effort in not to drop it.

Glass of Water. I’m honestly surprised I have to explain this. It is called Essentials, right?