Progress Through Partnerships in Honduras

CropLife International partnered with the U.S. Agency for International Development to help lift 108,000 rural Honduran farmers and their families out of extreme poverty through improved agricultural practices. CropLife captured the training initiative in a series of documentary-style videos, and approached Think Shift to help tell that story and engage key stakeholders from around the globe.

We developed a simple and highly visual microsite to house the video content and share the profiles of five small-scale farmers from the region. Thanks to the training and resources they received, these farmers have been able to tackle pests, improve yields and crop quality, and ultimately earn higher incomes and enjoy a better quality of life. Their case studies speak powerfully to how the plant science industry is working to eradicate hunger and poverty worldwide.

Downloadable sheets and pre-written tweets and Facebook posts helped further leverage the content across various digital channels and in different regions.

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