PulseResearch Magazine

After updating the visual ID for the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) brand, we were tasked with taking that new look and feel into the organization's research communications piece, PulseResearch

Inspired by science and research, the creative incorporated a hexagonal structure that would give a nod to SPG's portfolio of research and development. A well respected and recognized researcher was selected to pose for the cover imagery, situated in a greenhouse working with pea plants, something familiar to SPG's target audience of growers. The cover highlighted top stories from each thematic area of the magazine, enticing growers to open and read on. In addition to the printed magazine, the content was also available online and shared through the organization's social media channel and email newsletter.

SPG's team provided this feedback in terms of results, "We have seen the PulseResearch magazine be the magazine most consistently picked up at conferences and trade shows in the past year. We've had to print more copies to fill the demand. Aside from those tangible numbers, we had extremely positive feedback from the researchers, from the board of directors, from staff and also from Twitter followers with this new print piece."