The Team Leading the Internet

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has worked with Balaji Krishnamurthy, Chairman of Think Shift, in both personal leadership and intentional corporate culture activities several times over the past five years.

Byron Holland, President and CEO of CIRA, connected with Balaji shortly after beginning his tenure as the chief executive of CIRA. The idea of intentional leadership as the driving force for corporate change resonated with Byron; he registered for our L3: Leadership = Leverage + Legacy program in 2010, to define his own intentional leadership style.

The following year, Byron engaged Balaji's services to lead CIRA through an Intentional Corporate Culture workshop, further defining the company that he wished CIRA to be. But CIRA's committment did not end there:

CIRA recognizes the need and value of having an intentional culture as a method to drive the company toward a more united, common purpose.

To keep this mission alive, Byron has hosted multiple culture workshops and himself attended two Think Shift alumni courses to keep his own Leadership Agenda and CIRA's intentional culture alive.

As a trusted partner, Think Shift has visited CIRA’s office and worked repeatedly with the executive team and key management members, recommending actions to overcome certain challenges as they arise and helping the senior team to craft and design the company's culture.