Together We Thrive

2015 was a significant milestone for Cargill Ltd, marking 150 years of helping the world thrive. This anniversary offered a unique opportunity to engage with employees and customers, focusing on the evolution and influence of Cargill.

We worked with Cargill to develop a contest that invited community organizations – whose focus falls under one of Cargill’s three pillars: education, food security and nutrition, and environmental stewardship – to nominate themselves on a microsite/web application and explain how Cargill could help them thrive. People in the communities and Cargill employees could then cast a vote and show their support. At the end of the campaign, one winner in each of Cargill’s six regions was awarded $25,000 – adding up to a total of $150,000 in donations.

Each participating organization also benefitted by gaining exposure through the promotion around the contest. They were encouraged to create and add a link to on their nomination page on the web app. In that way, people could support the organizations not just with their votes, but also with their wallets.

Cargill Together We Thrive Case Study


We developed the campaign name, wordmark and tagline. The logo itself is a play on the existing "Thrive" graphics and colour palette. The three shapes coming together in an organic way lends itself to the idea of community. The subtle “C” formed by the shapes represents both Cargill and community. Black and white photos of families and communities were pulled from the Cargill archives, speaking to the company’s long history of community involvement. 

We built a microsite/web application that allowed for organizations to nominate themselves, submit a description, upload photo and video, and add links to their social media or gofundme pages. The site allowed Cargill’s team to approve each entry before opening it up for voting. We created an animated/motion graphics launch video highlighting the initiative and how to enter. This lived on the site, and was shared on digital channels (social media and email campaign).

In addition to a small amount of digital ads, we launched a Twitter handle and developed a strategy to grow a following and tweet throughout the campaign, informing people about the contest and showcasing the participating organizations. Banners on as well as the company’s intranet helped drive traffic to the microsite and boost employee participation. In addition to press releases prepared and distributed by Cargill’s team, we coordinated Twitter outreach to relevant media and influencers.


During the two and half months that campaign ran, we had total of 247,026 visits to the site by 105,566 visitors. The final tally of total votes was 289,499 for the 149 total nominees (well over the goal of 60). 117,396 visitors arrived at the site through social media, most often through the nominated organizations’ pages – they generated a great deal of traffic because they were so engaged in the contest!