Top 10 Posts of 2016

We created a list of our ten most liked and read articles of 2016. Read on to find topics and tools you may find useful for your organization as you prepare and strategize for 2017.

10. Employee Performance Levels: Publish or Perish. Organizations with clearly defined and published employee performance levels drive employee effort and avoid the pitfall of mediocrity.

9. The Cover Letter is Dead – Should it be Resuscitated? An effective cover letter will help your resume stand out and improve the odds of landing your dream job.

8. Creative is not a Silver Bullet. For ad agencies, great creative is now table stakes, not a point of differentiation. In practice, it can no longer bear the entire burden of driving success.

7. Why Great Managers are Coaches, not Star Players. One way to help managers be great coaches to their employees is to build a company that embraces the values of teaching and learning.

6. Put an End to the Annual Performance Review. We propose a performance review tool that helps avoid the three fundamental challenges of annual performance reviews.

5. The Millennial Trap. There is a natural trap that leaders fall into when faced with the advertised difference between Baby Boomers/Generation X and Millennials. If leaders want to create a truly successful young workforce, they need alignment among the leadership team to be successful and create a culture that ensures the knowledge and success of previous generations are passed on to Millennials.

4. What Millennials Really Look For in an Employer. Millennials are more strategic than you think when they consider their next employers.

3. This Tango Takes Three! There are three responsible parties for a non-performing employee: the employee, the manager and the company.

2. Don’t Sell Donuts. Quality of revenue is affected by brand positioning, product positioning and pricing positioning.

1. Employee Performance is Not Just About Results. A logical, structured way to approach performance appraisals and long-term employee performance management.

Which post did you like most? Share with us what topics or articles you found most useful and we can touch on them more in the New Year!

We also have updated our calendar of events, which might be helpful as you set your sights on 2017.

Happy holidays from all of us at Think Shift.