Winning Our Way

In the summer of 2013, Think Shift began working with the senior team at Henny Penny to accomplish a unique mission:

Create a three-year strategic plan that was focused not on revenue or financial growth, but on creating a culture that put employees first.

Led by Chairman Steve Cobb and CEO Rob Connelly, this strategic plan highlighted the company’s unique focus on employee development and how its tendency toward long-term goals allows it to connect more intimately with customers. The result is Winning Our Way – a storybook showcasing the Henny Penny story and laying out a roadmap for the future:

Henny Penny’s senior team announced the new strategic plan in a June manager’s meeting and have since held individual roundtables to roll out the new mission and values to all 600+ Henny Penny employees. The new plan was very well received by managers, senior leaders, and line employees alike.