We see a world where change is no longer an obstacle, but an opportunity.

In recent years, we have observed that companies who have experienced stable financial success for decades tend to avoid change, and in the process fail to evolve at a quick enough pace to remain relevant. They essentially get stuck doing what they have always done, blindly assuming their success will last forever. But old paradigms are fast-dissolving and the new reality is: what got you here today, won’t necessarily get you there tomorrow.

We provide strategic tools and services to drive change so companies can realize their full potential.

With more than 70 employees, we are now one of the largest agencies in Western Canada. Over the past 20 years, we have worked with a wide array of both public and private sector clients across the Canadian Prairies, U.S. and internationally – with a specific focus on agriculture.

Our mission is to help people and organizations reinvent themselves by changing from the inside out.

Our Culture

What gets a Think Shifter out of bed in the morning? Potentionality – our hunger to intentionally find and realize potential in ourselves and others. Well, that and our kickass culture. […]

Our People

We work hard to attract and retain our unfair share of the best in the industry. Meet a group of amazing people with a head for logic and the heart […]


Think Shift helps companies unleash their full potential. We change and elevate how our clients think about themselves, how they interact with their employees and how they connect to their […]