It's impossible to catch 12 oranges at once.

But focus on a single orange and you can catch it every time.

If we think about finding our focus as a journey to be the best, this analogy is equally applicable.
Making decisions about where we don’t want to go is just as important as our chosen destination.

Focus in Five Steps

Using a variety of different products and services, we approach every stage of this process with the guiding principle that success is the result of focus.







We know ag. Actually, we really know ag.

While the agency itself has a 20-year focus on ag, our people are either from the farm,
from the industry or received their ag education through our clients.
Together we have amassed an expertise across every link of the ag value chain including animal health,
plant breeding and genetics, seed, crop protection, fertilizer, farm machinery,
grain storage and handling and consumer education.

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Client Intimacy

At Think Shift we believe in mutual respect, transparency, accountability
and teamwork, working closely with like-minded clients who appreciate the value
of nurturing close, trusting relationships.

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‘Inside Out’

Intentional leaders build intentional brands.
And intentional brands, built from the inside
out drive the biggest impact.

What We Do

Not your typical ag agency. Not your typical ag results.

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