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Why Our Own Brand Deserved Better

Carly SabourinApril 16, 2024

Our track record speaks for itself – Think Shift consistently produces award-winning work.

We pride ourselves in being able to embrace discomfort in order to stand out and cut through the marketing noise. Think Shift is different. We think differently. And it's about time we lean into that.

So, yes, we have rebranded and launched a new website. But let's dig deeper into the why, and so what?


Our previous visual identity wasn’t living up to our belief that Ag Brands Deserve Better.

We weren’t pushing the limits of what our own ag brand can do. We preach differentiation, authenticity, relevance and evocative emotion but we weren’t seeing those attributes reflected in our own creative and messaging. We wanted our brand to truly showcase who we are and push the creative boundaries we so love to push with our ag clients. Frankly, our brand was becoming a bit stale and didn’t demonstrate our determination to outperform for ourselves and, most importantly, our current and future clients within the ag space. Our brand is also an ag brand, and it too – deserves better.


Our website was no longer in line with industry best practices from a user experience perspective.

At Think Shift, we constantly seek out new, more effective/efficient best practices in marketing, digital, brand, and strategy that we can bring back to our ag clients. We do the same for ourselves. After conducting a website audit, we found that we needed to be stronger in certain areas and create a more user-friendly website that reflects our confidence in our abilities. Our goal is to make important information accessible and make it easy for audiences to interact with our thought leadership.


Our people (strategists, creatives and everyone in between) wanted our brand to express who we are at the core and have some fun in the process.

Yes, we are an ag agency, and many of our people come from the ag world (and that won’t change). But with that – comes the risk of “group think”. We are very intentional in seeking out individuals from non-ag industries too – because it brings in new ideas and perspectives. With this approach, we can provide our ag clients access to creative thinking they may not have considered before. With our updated website and visual expression – we poured out new ideas and creative that more genuinely ties back to our common belief that “Ag Brands Deserve Better”.

That was the why, and now for the ‘so what’.

This updated visual identity showcases our ability to find the spot where we can be different and own it. Bold and bright colors you wouldn’t normally see in the ag industry, animation and video take center stage and website content is uniquely presented and tailored to our audience.

Our brand now strikes that perfect match of who we are and where we want to go.


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