Lead the Change: Maintaining a Strong Culture as You Grow

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The growth and success of your company, while great, often leads to growing pains if you’re not careful.

You might see some of these symptoms in your company: decreased accountability, slower decisions, silos, silo mentality, misaligned leadership. Consciously developing and defining your corporate culture will help prevent that.

It all starts with leadership - it all starts with you. Lead the change and see the positive impact inside and outside your organization.

To learn more about consciously developing and clarifying your company's story and culture, check out our whitepaper, The Structure of Culture: Two Decisions to Help CEOs Grow Their Business.



The organization you lead is growing. With growth and success come challenges that can cast shadows:

  • Decreased accountability
  • Slower decisions
  • Silo mentality
  • Misaligned management on vision and goals…

These challenges are natural outworkings of your success.

How do you overcome these growing pains?

By becoming intentional about building your culture. Healthy corporate cultures address and prevent challenges inherent in growth.

So, what is corporate culture?

Simply put, it’s how people behave at work, a collection of behaviors and values encouraged or discouraged by people and processes; and because your culture exists whether you manage it or not, why not be intentional about defining and celebrating the kind of culture you want to lead.

Think about how an intentional culture can impact your bottom line. Engaging your people with your core purpose can cause them to put in that extra 10% of effort – not because they have to but because they want to. The result? Better customer relations, decreased employee turnover, more accountability and quicker decisions. Leverage all these factors and see the positive impact on your profit.

How do you get there?

By clearly communicating your core purpose, values, vision and behaviors that make your company a great place to work and grow. Intentional leaders create intentional cultures.After all, a company worth caring about starts with a story worth telling, a story made clear by leadership.

Lead the change. We can help. Because every great story needs an editor.


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