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I In case you missed them, we’ve created a list of our five most-read and liked articles of 2022. Read on to find the topics and tools agrimarketers, like you, engaged with the most over the past year. We hope you find them just as useful for your organization as you prepare and strategize for 2023.

5. Assessing New Digital Marketing Platforms

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what platform will garner the most impressions for your agriculture campaign. Here, we weigh the scales on three new digital platforms—connected TV, native advertising, and online audio—so you can find the best fit for your next campaign.

4. How to Get Better ROI out of your Tradeshow Spend

Tradeshows are seemingly unpredictable scenarios for businesses. Will I be noticed? What's the ROI on my investment? This article will help you shape your tradeshow appearance into a convenient and creative experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

3. Three Tips to Improve ROI on your Fall Product Launch

After months of preparing your new product for its commercial launch, it’s important to consider marketing strategies that will leverage your distribution channel to help maximize ROI. This blog offers three simple ways to help you prepare for a successful product launch.

2. Digital Advertising Benchmarks All Agrimarketers Should Know in 2022

Whether you are a PPC (pay-per-click) novice or a seasoned digital marketer, it can be difficult to determine how well your digital ads are performing. This report takes a deep dive into benchmark performance metrics for the agriculture industry.

1. Evolution of Agrimarketing – Seven Trends for 2022 and Beyond

This annual piece dives into the top seven trends that agrimarketers should be aware of for 2022 and beyond. Research and development for this blog include trends and developments occurring outside of agriculture that we believed were (1) significantly relevant to our industry (things we could learn) and (2) starting to show presence in our industry (things we should prepare for).

From the Think Shift team to yours, Happy New Year!


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