Website and Branded Touchpoint Checklist

Think Shift

Planning for a company rebrand is a daunting task.

Completing a brand touchpoints exercise will help keep you organized by documenting all the small details that can easily be overlooked.

The goal of this exercise is to create a detailed checklist of all the branded touchpoints you should consider when planning your rebrand, including your website assets, business cards, email signatures and company letterhead to name a few.

By using this checklist you will:

  • Have a comprehensive list of all the assets affect by your brand.
  • Assign deadlines and priorty status for each of the tasks.
  • Appoint owners to help manage the process from start to finish.

Remember, each company is different. It is possible that not every item in the checklist will apply to your situation. More than likely, there will be more assets to consider.

Use this checklist to guide your thinking.


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