Think Shift's New Brand : A Change From The Inside Out

Think Shift

Recent visitors to our website may have noticed our new look. But this change goes far beyond a simple website refresh.

Why the Change

Although we enjoy working with clients in a range of industries, from manufacturing to broadcast television, our agriculture clients have always been our bread and butter. It was through these partnerships that we were able to grow from our humble beginnings in the Canadian Prairies into a global agency serving U.S. and international markets.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve experienced rapid growth in agriculture, landing large, North American clients like Dairy West, Verdesian Life Sciences and Elanco Animal Health, as well as global clients like ADAMA and Trimble. As our success in ag grew, so did our reputation as one of the few agencies specializing in ag and ag-adjacent industries. M&A activity, ag tech, changing consumer trends, and climate pressures are among the forces challenging ag brands to re-think their go-to-market strategies, and there’s a real need for those with the expertise to step up and help them navigate this new reality.

Long story short, we decided we would be the ones to fill that gap.

Who we are: We are one of the largest ag-focused agencies in the world.

What we do: We help ag leaders bring traditional brands into the new world. This includes a progressive approach to leadership development, strategic planning, corporate culture, brand development and marketing.

Why we matter: We believe ag deserves better in a time of increasing volatility and desperation for change. We exist to provide bold leadership in helping people and brands leverage change to realize their potential.

To help us define Think Shift’s new brand position, we gathered input from our staff, executive team and our clients.

Think Shift's Onlyness

This process helped us clearly define the qualities we believe set us apart from our competitors.

Our competitive advantage

  1. Our scope of services in addition to traditional branding/digital marketing services, we also offer consulting services in the areas of leadership development and intentional corporate culture.
  2. Our thought leadership— regardless of the engagement, we use and teach a wide assortment of Tools — models of thought — to help our clients communicate ideas and align stakeholders behind new approaches. This blend of creative “magic” with practical “logic” makes turning intention into action smoother.

Our new emphasis on thought leadership inspired an update to our visual identity — the next step in refreshing our brand. Our creative team was charged with the task of representing our new direction visually while protecting our existing equity. We wanted our new look to feel cleaner and crisper, but not so different as to suggest a different agency, as we are after all, the same team.

While each change was subtle and inconsequential by itself, the collective effects are substantial. It’s a great example of holistic design in action. Here are just some of the changes made:

Think Shift Brand
Brand Logo
Think Shift Style
Typography & Color Palette
Textured Images
Abstract Texture Photography
Think Shift Illustrations
Thought Leadership Illustrations

By expanding our color palette, using a modern combination of serif and sans-serif fonts, and relying on abstract texture photography and editorial illustrations, we created an iconic look that strikes the right balance between our bold, imaginative qualities and our sophisticated thought leadership.

Undertaking our own process presented us with the rare opportunity to walk our talk and experience change from the inside out firsthand. With Think Shift 3.0 officially rolled out, we’re excited to see what challenges and opportunities lie ahead for the industry we love.


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