Ag More Than Ever

Think Shift

As a marketing firm, our very nature is to look for and find ways to unlock opportunity. When it comes to ag, the market for opportunities is more bullish than ever and success is there for those most willing to “grab it by the horns.”

Whether it be the raised social consciousness of food supply, the growing demand for both commodity and specialty crops, the transformative effect of technology on farming practices or the ongoing agronomic and scientific progression of crop production, all of us in ag are experiencing a boon like no other.

It’s not to say that everything is perfect. It wouldn’t be ag if it were. Just as the farmer foundation that drives this industry experiences the ups and downs of good and bad crop years, our industry also faces some interesting and novel challenges. Since we published our last ag white paper – in which we highlighted changes in the ag landscape such as the demise of the CWB, the increasing influence of women in ag and the digital revolution – we now have new areas of change rising to the surface.

Key among these is the ongoing gap between crop producers and food consumers, the discrepancies between cost of production and grain pricing, the technological learning curve and the logistical constraints of our grain-handling infrastructure. Interestingly enough, each of these can be seen as a “shadow weakness” of the opportunities highlighted previously, providing credence to the adage that with opportunity comes challenge and vice versa.

While each of the above challenges could merit its own white paper, this document will again focus specifically on the role of marketing in this new and ever-changing ag landscape. More importantly, it will key in on the trends and strategies that we believe possess the greatest potential to affect positive returns on investment.


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