Why Think Shift?

Ask any Think Shifter, and you’ll hear a different answer: The inclusive culture. The flexibility. Coworkers who are more like friends. Empowering managers. The list goes on.

At our core, we’re a team of high performers who are committed to growing ourselves, our colleagues, our clients and our business. And we’re always looking for stellar people to join us.

Our Core Values


Accountability means having the courage to hold ourselves and each other to our commitments. We want to work alongside those who aren’t afraid to speak up about a missed deadline, but know how to do so with diplomacy and tact. At Think Shift, we call teammates up — never out.


Stewardship means accepting our responsibility to protect, preserve and enhance all that has been entrusted to us. It’s about personal ownership.


Transparency means elevating the truth without fear of offence or disagreement. We want to work alongside others who have the courage to say what needs to be said, and who do so compassionately.


There is very little we can do individually that cannot be done better collaboratively.

Perks & Benefits

Great Work Life Balance

We trust our people to meet their commitments. Period. No hand holding, micro-managing or clock-punching required. Enjoy flexible start/end times, the ability to work remotely or from home as needed and the freedom to manage your schedule without judgment.

Health and Wellness

No matter if you’re working from home or coming into the office, we want to give you tools to help you feel your best. Enjoy our office gym and tap into mindfulness with a free subscription to the Calm app. We offer comprehensive health, vision and dental coverage, as well as affordable virtual counselling and medication delivery through our group benefits plan.

Work Hard, Play Hard

On top of vacation time, we provide our team with ample (virtual and in-person) opportunities to let loose. We took our tradition of getting together around a keg for Beer Fridays and turned it digital. We host quarterly virtual staff retreats, and we get everyone together once a year — pandemic permitting — for an epic overnight staff retreat.

Growth Opportunities

Growth is not for everyone. It is a great opportunity, but it is not optional. We create the environment and opportunity for growth as part of our stewardship responsibility. Managers actively protect, preserve and enhance the growth of their direct reports. All Think Shifters meet with their managers biweekly to discuss their growth plans and opportunities to advance their careers.

Keeping Connected

When you have employees in three different time zones (and counting), staying connected isn’t a benefit, it’s a necessity. We host staff huddles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and use Zoom and Teams daily to meet, collaborate and share funny GIFs. Enjoy flexible start/end times and the freedom to manage your schedule without judgment. Come into the office if you like — or don’t. No judgement. You’re welcome to virtually join any of our internal committees and encouraged to contribute and make your mark on the organization.

Total Transparency

The future of work is shifting and so are we. As one of our core values, transparency is essential to the way we operate. We value open, honest communication, and we aren’t afraid to have the hard conversations. We are also fully transparent with the health of our business, and share our company financials, vision and goals, and operating plan every month at our all-staff meetings.

Remote Work

Work from Anywhere

Talented people don’t need to live near our offices in Winnipeg and Portland to do great work. In fact, they don’t even need to be in the same time zone. That’s why we’ve cultivated a remote-first culture. We trust our people to do their best no matter where they are. And we go to great lengths to keep our employees feeling connected.

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Freelance Partnerships

Join Our Partner Network

We know talented people are everywhere — and they’re not always looking for a full-time gig. Whether it’s a contract project, a specialized skillset we don’t have in-house or just general overflow, Think Shift provides exceptional opportunities to do great work while growing your business.

Become a partner

My manager cares deeply about my well-being and level of fulfillment. The organization as a whole has invested in me by sending me to leadership training, creative conferences out of province and sitting down with me to plan how to reach my professional goals.

Eden Carter

Senior Producer and Cinematographer

For those who enjoy challenging themselves to progress their career, learn constantly, and have autonomy to develop their skills, Think Shift will prove to be a great fit.

The best thing about working at Think Shift is having the flexibility to manage my life outside of work, and an environment that makes me want to come to the office. I've made impactful friendships with colleagues and enjoy the ways we collaborate and encourage each other. On days when life gets in the way, I know that I can take the time I need without guilt or criticism.

Eden Carter

Senior Producer and Cinematographer

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