Table for Twenty

CropLife International


Taking a biotechnology celebration online and around the world

The Opportunity

CropLife International asked us to help them build excitement around the 20th anniversary of crop biotechnology. Their goal was to communicate the positive impact of biotech crops. They also wanted to create assets that their member organizations around the world could use in consumer outreach at a local level.

The Approach

Through our research, we discovered that we needed to make our audience feel like they were an important part of biotech’s past and future. That insight led us to the “Table for Twenty” initiative – a year-long celebration and conversation around biotech.

We put together a dinner party in a box that CropLife International’s member organizations could use to host dinner conversations with local biotech stakeholders in their communities around the world. To help them promote the initiative, we created a parallax microsite, videos, postcards, infographics and a social media campaign.


We used social media to turn biotech stakeholders into advocates. We captured the stories of biotech stakeholders at Table for Twenty events around the world, and turned them into 30-second videos and social graphics. These first-person accounts allowed us to bring a positive, humanized voice to the GMO conversation.

The Result

The year-long celebration kicked off October 2015 at World Food Prize, and the last dinner conversation was held one year later at the same event.

Member organizations showed their support by hosting 25 events. Agriculture-industry influencers such as Julie Borlaug and Sir Gordon Conway demonstrated their support by participating in video interviews and sharing Table for Twenty content on social media.