L3 Leadership Workshop in Santa Fe

Jan 21 - Jan 24, 2018

Balaji Krishnamurthy
Leadership & Culture
Santa Fe, NM
Inn and Spa at Loretto

L3 Legacy is a leadership workshop intended for senior executives. Teams and individuals are welcome.

L3 Legacy is based on the philosophy that leadership cannot be taught, learned or imitated – it must be intentionally developed. Senior executives attend and analyze their leadership through team exercises, personal reflection and a rich set of practical tools. They use the passion of their convictions to derive logical conclusions about how they uniquely lead and influence others, articulating them in the form of a Leadership Agenda.

The workshop is hosted by Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy, recognized by TIME Magazine as one of 25 Global Business Influentials. He is a veteran corporate executive with more than 30 years of experience running 16 different businesses, ranging from millions of dollars to a billion dollars.


$7,700 USD* receives one seat to the all-inclusive workshop. The price includes the L3 Legacy workshop, full lodging, all meals, extensive workshop materials and recreational activities.
To request more information, contact our team at (503) 789-1338 or [email protected].

*Paying online via credit card requires a 3% processing fee. Contact us for details.

Key Takeaways

  • The Eight Roles of a Leader: Prioritize leadership responsibilities to determine where you provide most value and where you should spend your time.
  • Decision Making: A comparison of consensus, democracy, authority and command.
  • Coaching for Empowerment: Build a culture of stewardship and responsibility.
  • Intentionality: Understand leadership’s driving role in culture, strategy and brand development.
  • Practical Tools: Utilize applicable business models to identify problems, form solutions and execute decisions.
  • Personal Development and Leadership Agenda: Analyze your strengths, weaknesses and aspirations to drive change.

The Workshop

  • A small group of participants attend; they are engaged throughout the day and well into the evenings.
  • A substantial portion of the workshop is delivered by Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy, with remaining portions devoted to exercises and inter-participant conversation.
  • A residential learning environment in a secluded resort.
  • Early morning and evening activities are designed for participants to continue discussions and engage one-on-one with Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy.

About Your Presenter

BalajiDr. Balaji Krishnamurthy is a veteran corporate executive with more than 30 years of corporate experience, having run 16 different private and public businesses ranging from millions of dollars to a billion dollars. As president and CEO of Planar Systems from 1999 to 2005, he led the company’s transformation from a sleepy technology company to a leading player in the flat-panel display market. Even as the technology industry collapsed, annual sales of this NASDAQ high-tech company more than doubled under his watch to $256 million.

TIME Magazine recognized him as one of 25 Global Business Influentials and national publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, have featured Dr. Krishnamurthy and his innovative concepts as representing a new genre of corporate leadership.

Currently, as the chairman of Think Shift, Dr. Krishnamurthy communicates his decades of corporate leadership experience through provocative logic and passionate delivery. Known for his innovative and thought-provoking concepts on corporate leadership, he works with CEOs to develop organic leadership through an intentional corporate culture.

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