Is Your Marketing Team Holding You Back?

Blog Posts - Dec 5, 2016

Alex Varricchio
Leadership & Culture
Your marketing plan is only as strong as the people who made it.

When most people look at the strength of their marketing, they look at the plan and the process. Did the plan improve on failings from last year? Did you stay on budget? Were you able to execute against the items set in the plan? These are some of the measures of success.

What organizations are failing to address, however, is the strength of their people. How can you possibly create and deliver an exceptional marketing plan if the people who have put it together are unexceptional?

The reality is your marketing plan is only as strong as the people who make it. Companies must shine a light on the abilities, diversity and composition of your marketing team.

This isn’t to say your team is crap or that you need to fire them all and start from scratch. What is important to look at is where your team is focused. Are they working toward the right goals or are they staying busy just keeping busy? You need to make sure success for the team is clearly articulated and communicate your shortcomings. Staying busy can’t continue to be the metric for success.

We suggest as a starting point that you look at three different areas of strength for your team: strategic thinking, ability to execute and willingness to measure.

  1. Strategic Thinking: Truly strategic decisions are both controversial and irreversible. You need to create a culture in which your marketing team can make real decisions.
  2. Ability to Execute: There is only so much a team can do in a year. Your level of proactivity and your team’s empowerment to act makes a difference in what you can get out the door.
  3. Willingness to Measure: One of the biggest weaknesses on marketing teams is the lack of understanding and comfort with measurement. Your team needs to understand the right numbers, adjust if things aren’t working and set goals for everything.

To evaluate these attributes in your team, we recommend starting with a short self-assessment. The assessment looks at each area of strength and identifies a few indicators that will help you get a better understanding of where the gaps may live on your team. You can download the assessment below.

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