Pay it Forward: December 2016 Participants

Blog Posts - Feb 6, 2017

Balaji Krishnamurthy
Leadership & Culture

Below you will find those who participated in our December Pay it Forward program, in the order that the pledges were received. The pledges from our Pay it Forward participants ranged from $50 to $1,000 to not-for-profit organizations of their choice. We met each donation up to $100, which was our matching threshold.

  • Kevin Krak, on behalf of Gallant Construction Co.
    • Charity: The Cara Program
    • Amount Pledged: $1000
  • Cynthia Fortlage
    • Charity: Rainbow Resource Center Inc.
    • Amount Pledged: $100
    • “This initiative is wonderful at any time of the year, but more so at this time of the year.”
  • Amy Ravi
    • Charity: Justin Wynn Fund
    • Amount Pledged: $50
  • Joe Di Curzio
    • Charity: Basketball Manitoba, Canada Games Sport for Life Centre
    • Amount Pledged: $100
    • “I think this is an awesome idea.  A terrific way to pay something forward.”
  • Jo Macsween
    • Charity: Social Bite Fund
    • Amount Pledged: $100
    • “I want to thank you Balaji for reaching out to me and continuing to inspire me to pay forward my good intentions.”
  • Eric McNulty
    • Charity: Big Life Foundation
    • Amount Pledged: $100
  • Ron Finken
    • Charity: Boys to Men Mentoring Network North Central Arizona
    • Amount Pledged: $100
    • “This is an awesome idea and I intend to implement this with our company next year. Thank you for including us. Happy Holidays from our family at Accurate Building Maintenance.”
  • Stan Pauls, on behalf of Decor Cabinets Ltd
    • Charity: Opportunity International Canada
    • Amount Pledged: $500
  • Gerhard Beenen
    • Charity: Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory
    • Amount Pledged: $100
    • “Wonderful idea….I’m pleased to be able to participate.”
  • Sherry Roth
    • Charity: Adopt A Class Foundation
    • Amount: $100