Winner for CAMA and NAMA 2016: Monsanto Canada Awards

Blog Posts - Nov 9, 2016

Think Shift
Leadership & Culture

Think Shift was honored to receive winning prizes at the Canadian Agri-Marketing Association’s Best of CAMA awards show in November 2016 and the National Agri-Marketing Association’s Best of NAMA Regional awards show in December 2016.

Think Shift received ten winning prizes and five certificates of merit at Best of CAMA and nine winning prizes and six certificates of merit at Best of NAMA. The agency was recognized by its peers for work for Cargill, Monsanto Canada, CANTERRA SEEDS, ADAMA Canada, CropLife International and Quali-Pro Turf.

Five of the awards won were for Think Shift’s work on Monsanto Canada’s “Real Life Ready” campaign.

  1. Interactive Marketing Tools Winner – Best of NAMA Region I
  2. Multimedia Campaign, Local – Best of NAMA Region I
  3. Total Campaign $250,000 – $500,000 award – Best of CAMA
  4. Online Video Advertising award – Best of CAMA
  5. Certificate of Merit for Radio, 30 seconds – Best of CAMA

Two of the Best of CAMA awards won were for Think Shift’s work on Monsanto Canada’s “Xtend Floor Decal” and “The Letter” campaigns.

  1. Point of Purchase Materials award for “Xtend Floor Decal” – Best of CAMA
  2. Certificate of Merit for Media Relations for “The Letter” – Best of CAMA




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