2016 Marketing Automotive Award: Best Interactive Campaign for Jaguar USA

Blog Posts - Nov 21, 2016

Think Shift

For Immediate Release: Jaguar USA proudly received the Best Interactive Campaign award at the 2016 Marketing Automotive Awards show in New York City, NY. Think Shift worked with Mindshare, World Stage, Swivel, Corp Imaging and Who You Know Inc to produce the award-winning “Art of Performance” campaign.

Jaguar USA held a series of seven events across America to launch its new line-up of vehicles. To promote the Jaguar XE model, guests participated in “The Audition,” an interactive experience that put them into a move-trailer-style car chase scene.

In “The Audition,” each attendee was instructed to perform a series of actions behind the wheel that were captured on film via VideoBridge, Think Shift’s proprietary technology. After collecting the video footage, VideoBridge would stitch the recorded clips together into a mini-movie and deliver a personalized microsite and video in real time. Participants could choose to upload clips to social media, including an option to upload a seven-second clip as their new Facebook profile video. Think Shift worked with Facebook directly to pilot that profile functionality.

“It is such an honor to help Jaguar USA bring ‘The Audition’ experience to life and to be part of an amazing team,” says David Lazarenko, Think Shift’s president of agency services.

The video below is a sample of “The Audition” starring Myles Gerbrandt, Think Shift’s Development Lead of Product Creation and member of the “Art of Performance” team. To view the full case study, click here.


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