Introducing Farmoji Stickers!

Blog Posts - Oct 27, 2016

Think Shift

Introducing Farmoji Stickers! The New Apple Stickers for North American Farmers.

For Immediate Release: Farmoji stickers are the fun, free new way to celebrate life on the farm — with over 200 ag-inspired emojis made for producers.

With Apple’s new iOS release, you can send Farmoji stickers in your iMessages. Just download the sticker pack in the App Store at and they’ll be ready to use. Or, go to

“In our agency work, we connect with a lot of audiences in agriculture and find that sometimes the rural way of life gets passed over in tech and mainstream media,” says Alex Varricchio, VP Creative Product at Think Shift, the company behind Farmoji. “When Apple recently introduced stickers, we thought we’d honor our rural roots and launch a farm-inspired set.”

The Farmoji sticker pack includes:

  • 95+ farmer faces
  • Cattle, horses, hogs, chickens and sheep
  • Corn, canola, soybeans and wheat
  • Combines, tractors, trucks and ATVs


  • Farmer’s tan
  • Short shorts
  • Plaid shirts
  • And more!


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For more information, contact Alex Varricchio, VP Creative Product, Think Shift at 204-989-4323 ext 226 or [email protected].