Infographic: Why Agri-Marketers Should Invest in Digital

Blog Posts - Apr 19, 2017

Anthony Gindin


Interested in making digital part of your marketing strategy? Check out our recent webinar: Why Agriculture Gets a Failing Grade in Digital.


Infographic Transcript:

For agri-marketers, the increasing pace of digital connectivity presents a huge opportunity.

In our world, there are 7.4 billion people.

  • 3.7 billion Internet users (50% penetration)
  • 2.7 billion social media accounts (37% penetration)
  • 4.9 billion unique mobile phone users (66% penetration)
  • 2.5 billion using social media on mobile (34% penetration)

In the past year alone, internet use went up 10%, social media use went up 21% and mobile use for social went up 30%. Yet, many Ag companies are slow to embrace digital for customer engagement.

  • Only 50% send regular emails to a customer database
  • Only 56% regularly post to social media channels
  • Only 22% regularly publish content to their website
  • And only 76% have a mobile responsive website

So what is everyone waiting for? A recent study shows that farmers rely on their smartphones more than the general public. The point is: the opportunity is there for those companies ready to step out ahead of the pack.

Because those who invest in digital today will become the industry leaders of tomorrow.