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Dyna-Gro Seed Brand Strategy


After a successful brand refresh, Dyna-Gro Seed was ready to introduce the refreshed brand to the market with a national campaign. The goal of the campaign was to drive both awareness and consideration to growers using market research focused on understanding growers’ position in the sales funnel, and what attributes were driving their seed purchases. The multi-stage campaign was focused on using the refreshed brand's visual elements and key messages to drive increased brand metrics.

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Our goal was to help grow awareness and perception of Dyna-Gro Seed. Research showed that offering region-specific seed options does not reflect the true diversity of a grower’s challenge. Dyna-Gro Seed wanted to convey their understanding that every farm and every field has its own unique set of challenges and did this by showcasing Dyna-Gro Seed’s significant annual re-investment into the development of new seed and trait innovations. Dyna-Gro Seed is designed to target specific diseases, insects and other pests, using data from their research sites across the country so farmers can be sure the seed they’re counting on already has a successful track record in their area.

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This campaign had a national reach, so it was extremely important that we understood the various grower audiences and their existing awareness and perception of Dyna-Gro Seed.

We created a strategy that used awareness and consideration levels, key crops, and what type of media was consumed and then developed a strategic media plan to help key audiences understand who Dyna-Gro was and for those who knew us – drive consideration.

The deliverables developed for this campaign included print ads in two phases, digital ads (HTML5 and static) in two phases, nine 20-second animated 3D videos that showcased different types of seed, two versions of billboards, a brand video with 3 cuts and an updated website.

The Results

  • 54M+

    This national, multi-stage campaign achieved over 54 million impressions, 355,000 clicks, 9.3 million video views and 8.3 million social engagements.

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