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Unbottled Brand Strategy


Dairy West was faced with a challenge, and from that challenge, we developed the Unbottled brand.

In its role as the voice of the region’s dairy industry, Dairy West as a brand was doing its best to connect with its audiences while wearing multiple hats. And while a one-size-fits-all messaging approach might seem the simplest and most efficient, it’s hardly a recipe for targeted, relevant communications—especially when you’re dealing with two very different audiences: industry partners and consumers. Just how does an industry advocacy group inspire consumers to use more dairy, without coming across as biased?

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This was an opportunity for Think Shift to look at their brand strategy through the lens of their audiences. What do they need, want, love and hate? And how can we evolve the Dairy West brand so it’s seen not only as an advocate of dairy producers in Idaho and Utah, but also a source of information and inspiration for millions of consumers across those states? Simple. Create a brand aimed especially at the latter group.

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After getting buy-in on our strategy, we moved quickly to execution and created the name and visual identity for Unbottled, as well as a launch video. We also shot a TV spot for Unbottled that clearly outlined the role the brand and dairy can play in consumers’ lives.

The Results

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    Video Views


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    Link Clicks


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