Alex Rohne

Account Executive

Alex came to advertising by way of the Joint Communications degree and diploma program at the University of Winnipeg and Red River College. She quickly leapt into the role of marketing manager for a contemporary art gallery and physics-based publishing company. It was through these seemingly opposing endeavors that Alex honed her skills in strategic planning, marketing, communications, client relations and social media management.

In her time outside work, Alex is engrossed in various dance disciplines including modern and hip-hop; reclaiming wooden furniture and planning her next camping or mountaineering trip.

Q. What was growing up like for you?
A. I was lucky enough to grow up outside of Winnipeg in small town Selkirk, Manitoba. This meant that my childhood was either spend running through fields, building quinzhees or rearing my own bull. His name was Amanda and he was fiery! Despite my dreams of always living in “the big city,” I wouldn’t give up a moment of my country childhood for anything.

Q. What attracted you to Think Shift?
A. When I first heard about Think Shift it was because of the changes they were making to the world of corporate culture. It was clear from the moment that I stepped into the office that everyone here felt valued and that ideas were shared and collaborated on by all members. So much of your time is spent with your coworkers; I really don’t think there is any way you can sustain the health of a company unless it feels like family. Think Shift feels like a great big family.