Amedu Obodumu

Digital Marketing Specialist

About Amedu

Amedu stumbled upon digital marketing in late 2014 while looking up reviews for a pair of sneakers. He was curious about why certain websites showed up ahead of others in Google’s search results. He quickly found himself down a rabbit hole where he learned how to use SEO techniques to rank well in Google and scale using paid advertising. The rest, as they say, is history. Shortly after receiving a BA in Economics from the University of Manitoba, Amedu joined a transportation company as a Web Traffic & Conversion Specialist. He has since joined the Digital team at Think Shift as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Away from digital marketing, you can usually find Amedu watching or playing soccer, searching for a new show on Netflix, or chilling at a barbecue restaurant with his friends. Travelling is his jam and he loves pineapple on his pizza.


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