Anna Varlamova

Junior Graphic Designer

About Anna

Anna Varlamova is a recent graduate of the Red River College Graphic Design program. Prior to Think Shift, she has worked as a freelancer and as a marketing assistant at WR Display, and has experience doing a range of design work, from brochure design to logo and website design. At Think Shift, she works with a variety of clients, including ADAMA Canada, Falco™ Seed and Think Shift’s internal marketing. Anna’s a reliable, attentive listener who isn’t precious with her creative work — she believes design pieces should only include elements that help communicate the message to the audience.

Anna finds inspiration in her daily life and dabbles in a number of creative activities in her free time, including music, dancing and painting. She finds that expressing her creativity through different mediums helps her look at her work from a different perspective. In particular, she’s very interested in watercolor, as it takes courage and confidence to use — and sometimes, you just have to go for it, whether it’s a new painting technique, a client presentation or making the choice to eat an ice cream sandwich for lunch!


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