Anna Varlamova

Senior Graphic Designer

About Anna

Anna Varlamova first started at Think Shift back in 2019 as a Junior Designer after graduating from the Red River College Graphic Design Program. In late 2019, Anna returned to Red River College to complete her second diploma in Communication Design.

Prior to Think Shift, she worked as a freelancer and as a marketing assistant at WR Display and Packaging, and has experience in a wide range of design work, from brochure design to identity and website design. At Think Shift, she works with a variety of clients, including ADAMA Canada, APTN, Falco™ Seed and Think Shift’s internal marketing.

Anna believes design solutions should honour the objective of the project and should only include elements that help communicate key messaging to the target audience. She finds inspiration in her daily life and dabbles in a number of creative activities in her free time, including music, dancing and painting. She finds that expressing her creativity through different mediums helps her look at her work from a different perspective. In particular, she’s very interested in watercolor, as it takes courage and confidence to use — and sometimes, you just have to go for it, whether it’s a new painting technique, a client presentation or making the choice to eat an ice cream sandwich for lunch!


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