Brian Blumel

Front-end Developer

About Brian

Vancouver born and raised, Brian has a diverse background spanning technology, biology, and web development. His journey into the world of computers began at a young age when his father brought home a computer from The Hudson's Bay. Fascinated by the possibilities it offered, he spent his formative years playing games and honing his skills by copying code from the back of programming magazines.

Brian initially studied marine biology and ecology in university however, his passion for technology never waned, and he found himself drawn back into the world of computer science. He landed a position as a programmer in the mining industry and, eventually, he returned to web development working on sites for organizations such as The Young Agrarians. Brian has since made significant contributions to a range of farm-related websites, gaining expertise in the agricultural world.

In his free time, Brian enjoys cycling, paddleboarding, skiing, and spending time with his family and miniature dachshund.


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