Candice Twomey

Graphic Designer

Officially the office’s youngest old lady, with hobbies ranging from knitting and crocheting to vegetable gardening, Candice finds the act of creating truly satisfying. It’s this underlying urge that led Candice to the field of graphic design. Candice grew up in the isolated woods of the Interlake on her family’s beef farm. Her interests at the time included drawing, painting, playing with the farm animals and starting the occasional fire.

After moving to Winnipeg, she found the Graphic Design program at Red River College, graduating from the Advanced Graphic Design program in 2012, joining the Think Shift team shortly after.

She and her husband excitedly moved out of their crumbling West Broadway apartment into their first house in 2013. The two “enjoy” spending weekends fixing up their 100-year-old Norwood home and coming up with theme songs for their overweight cat Oreo. Like this gem: Ore-ore-o meow-meow-meow (think westerns).

As a designer, she’s the ideal right brain/left brain combination – striking a balance between analytical thinking and creative ability, developing a strong client relationship and understanding of their business. Candice is decidedly a jack-of-all trades designer, but with a special place in her heart for logos and branding.

Diving into the details of her work, beer- and laughter-fuelled brainstorms, taking a stroll to clear her head, and ice cream are the things that she lives for.

Q. What do you like most about your job?
A. I really enjoy logo design because it forces you to be visually concise. It is an exciting challenge!