Charan Kaur

Support Lead

Charan has five years of experience in web application development. After working with a large multinational corporation in India for a number of years, she moved to Canada in 2012. She continued developing her education, completing her Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Calgary. In addition to building many friendships with students from around the world, a highlight of her university career was seeing her paper published in an international conference and receiving scholarship for her research.

She loves programming and providing solutions for the most difficult problems. She has intentionally made learning a key part of her daily routine because, as Da Vinci said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” In her free time, you can often find her reading or cooking.
Q. What’s your favourite TV program?
A. I am a big fan of all realty shows, especially America’s Got Talent and India’s Got Talent. I’m amazed by the outstanding abilities of all those people – the weird ones amaze me too 😉