Cody Pierson

Digital Success Manager

About Cody

Cody has nine years of digital marketing experience in lean, agile teams. His focus has traditionally been in technology, but he has brought the lessons he learned working the Microsoft ecosystem into the agriculture space. Cody’s focus is inbound marketing and marketing automation, which translates to attracting new visitors and converting them into prospects. He’s a firm believer in growth-driven design and the power of a good experiment. Cody is the internal HubSpot expert and a marketing platform junkie with experience in Salesforce, Mailchimp and many more. He’s applied that methodology to create engaging content pillars for Trimble Agriculture and to spearhead engaging digital experiences for ADAMA Canada. He’s also been deeply involved with moving Elanco in a more education-oriented direction. When not running an experiment or optimizing a workflow, Cody keeps himself too busy cooking, sword fighting and painting little toy soldiers.


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