Cody Pierson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Cody believes that technology – when combined with vision and content – has the power to change how organizations communicate. With his focus on inbound marketing and marketing automation, it’s a belief he puts into action every day for Think Shift and our clients. By making data-driven decisions, Cody helps organizations reap the rewards of transitioning from traditional to digital marketing.

When he’s not optimizing lead nurture programs or conducting A/B tests, he’s painting little toy soldiers or experimenting with a new recipe.


Q: Is there a secret to success when it comes to inbound marketing?

A: Absolutely. An intelligently-designed, well-configured customer relationship management (CRM) system is essential to running the kind of systematic, data-driven campaigns that define inbound marketing.

It’s not sexy, but I’ve seen badly deployed systems cripple the best intentions. Choose carefully, plan your integrations and make it mandatory. Otherwise, you’ll never reach your full potential.