Curtis Arnold

Interaction Designer

Curtis grew up on a farm near Souris, MB. After high school, he worked as an electrician until a shoulder injury required him to switch gears and begin working in technology. Luckily, it’s a change he’s really enjoyed. He received a diploma in Systems Administration and worked as a tech support officer for a credit union in Brandon, MB for four years. After that, he decided he wanted to expand his technical experience and learn how to develop web sites. Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in the Web Development diploma program at the University of Winnipeg, then worked for Bold Commerce for two years before joining Think Shift as a front-end developer.

Q. What’s your favorite sports team?
A. It’s a bit of a tie between the Chicago Bears in the NFL and the Blue Bombers in the CFL. I’ve always loved the Bombers, as I grew up watching them with my Dad. I love the Bears because they have a long history of being really strong on defense, which is the type of football that I like.

Q. Tell us about your pets?
A. I have two Sealyham terriers, which is an uncommon but awesome dog breed. They are father (Vada, 10 years old) and son (Griff, who is four).

Q. What do you for a good time when you’re not working?
A. I love playing golf,  playing guitar, listening to music, watching movies and spending time with my wife and two dogs.