Denise Darling

Commercial Film Producer

With a long-honed talent for motion graphics, video and editing, and an invaluable eye for composing shots, Denise loves storytelling through the visual medium. She graduated from Red River College’s Creative Communications program in 2006. Since then Denise has been creating beautiful work for a wide range of clients, and is continually inspired by the passion, knowledge and creativity of the team around her. Steadfastly adventurous at heart, Denise says one of her career highlights was filming travel shows in India and Malaysia, and editing 13 half-hour episodes highlighting destinations such as New Zealand, Kenya, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Egypt.

Q. What do you do for a good time when you aren’t working?
A. I am a social girl; I like to get out and go to events and shows around the city, go to Victoria Beach and enjoy Winnipeg living.