Eden Carter

Senior Producer and Cinematographer

About Eden

Eden’s heart is made of movies, and she believes that cinematography makes the heart of any good story pulse with more impact. Having over five years of agency experience, and over ten years of camera experience, she brings a dedication to compelling visuals and a commitment to quality storytelling for all of her clients.

Whether she’s buried in a gear list or glued to a monitor, experimenting with light, lenses and motion is where she finds real joy. If she gets to wear a wild-looking camera rig, even better. Eden believes that there are never enough opportunities to explore creativity, learn new things, and support women around her, so outside of commercials she enjoys collaborating with peers on their passion projects.

In her downtime she enjoys leaving the country, making bad art, and taking Academy Awards trivia too seriously. If you have a camera, she’d love you to tell her about it.


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